elena-and-the-secret-of-avalorElena of Avalor is the follow-up series to Sofia the First, aimed at Disney Channel aged kids and tweens. The series debuted in July, hinting at a yet unseen origin story in which Sofia freed Elena from her amulet. Fans will finally see the magic unfold when the TV movie event, Elena and the Secret of Avalor, premieres on November 20th. But those aching to know the story early can now do so with a children's book that recounts the events.

Told from the point of view of Sofia, we discover how she found a book in her Secret Library called "The Lost Princess of Avalor." When she opened it, a wizard named Alacazar appeared and told her of Avalor, a kingdom ruled by an evil sorceress whose princess was locked in the amulet that Sofia wears around her neck. Now she must journey to Avalor and find out how to free the trapped princess so she can reclaim her kingdom.

The book features beautiful artwork by award-winning Disney artist Grace Lee. Series creator Craig Gerber was involved with the book's creation as well. Together, the fill in the missing link between Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor.

The book shifts focus for the final eight pages, which are an introduction by Elena. She introduces readers to her kingdom and all of its magical inhabitants, including her sister, grandparents, and human and animal friends. You get the feeling that the first episode of the series, "First Day of Rule," takes place immediately following the events of this story.

It's no secret that Elena of Avalor is a big hit, with the costume being a popular choice this Halloween and a meet-and-greet coming to Magic Kingdom. Now kids who have graduated from Disney Junior to Disney Channel can experience the passing of the baton as Sophia frees Elena and restores her to her rightful place as princess. With two months to go until the TV movie event, kids can learn the story before any viewers will.