sultans-triumphsDisney's Palace Pets book series gets another addition with Whisker Haven Tales: Sultan's Trimphs, the third in the storybook/collectable/toy/puzzle bundle series. However, what sets this one apart from the previous installments is that the character at the center, a tiger named Sultan who is friends with princess Jasmine, is a boy. In a series that usually makes everything pink and glittery, this release skews more gender neutral.

Within the beautiful chipboard box is an exclusive toy of Sultan, who head and tail can pivot. He's wearing a peacock feather crown, which will make more sense after reading the storybook, but for some reason also has a big bow around his tail. For this reason, I assumed the character was a girl when I first looked at the set.

sultans-talesThe storybook features five chapters which find Sultan learning some important lessons. When the Whisker Haven Carnival comes to town, Sultan and his friend Pounce (Pocahontas' bobcat) practice to win lots of games. But the "Raw-some" tiger will have to learn how to be a good sport when he loses a game of ring toss. Later, Sultan learns how to be a good friend by teaching his friends Sundrop (Tiana's peacock) and Pumpkin (Cinderella's dog) be brave.

A double-sided card behind the figure allows you to set the scene for the Whisker Haven Carnival or for Sultan's jungle gym hangout. Two cardboard sheets at the bottom of the box provide the "puzzle," a do-it-yourself go-kart from the carnival that the Sultan toy can sit in.

This set provides another fun way to enjoy the Palace Pets characters. With uniquely defined personalities, they become deeper than the toy line suggests when reading the Whisker Haven Tales series. Sultan's Triumphs is the best one so far, with some great lessons about integrity and friendship.