51O4ZjLhaaLDisney Palace Pets debuted a few years ago as a toy line, with each of the Disney Princesses having made friends with animals that bear similarities in design, color scheme and even their names. From the toy line came Whisker Haven, a series of animated shorts and books to build upon the world. And with Whisker Haven Tales: Treasure's Adventures, Disney Press is pairing a glittery toy and puzzle craft with a hard cover chapter book.

Treasures Adventures is housed in a beautiful chipboard box with a window that reveals the toy of Treasure, who is a red kitten that is friends with Ariel. The toy itself is tiny, but well detailed with a glittery finish and two points of articulation (head and tail). It is quick and easy to remove from the packaging, which is helpful if you've bought this for an eager child who can't wait to get to the toy.

8131SR-4bnLJust past the toy is a double-sided high gloss card with two backgrounds, one of Whisker Haven's Pawlace, the other of Treasure's grotto. Then comes the hardcover book, which is officially called "Treasures Adventures: Five Tiny Tales." The title is a bit deceiving as it is actually a chapter book with five chapters, not five individual stories. The book features some artwork, but is mostly text with large stylized font and colored words that associate to the different Palace Pets.

Ms. Featherbon is helping all of the Criterzens of Whisker Haven prepare for the Glitter Ball and Treasure has the most important job of all, finding the Glitterbits that will light up the night's sky. But when Macaron, a puppy who is friends with Aurora, steals the Glitterbits, Treasure has to chase after her. During the chase, other preparations for the glitter ball get ruined and when the glitter bits fly into the ocean, all hope seems lost. Will the Glitter Ball be ruined?

The last page of the book provides instructions for constructing the "puzzle," which is a cardboard sail boat for the Treasure toy to sit in, just like she does in the book. This will definitely require an adult's sturdy hand, as the pieces require force to fit into place. It is easy to disassemble for safe keeping inside the box for the next time your child wants to read and play with this set.

Whisker Haven Tales: Treasure's Adventures is a really nice package for any young fan of Disney Palace Pets. The book is a longer read than your average children's picture book. Elementary school students will have no problem reading it to themselves and the chapters make it easy to pause the story and pick it back up later. The sail boat puzzle is another nice addition that makes this an easy purchase.