petites-great-featsDisney's Palace Pets series continues with another book in the Whisker Haven Tales series, Petite's Great Feats. This time around, the star character is Petite, a pony inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast who loves to read. Like Treasures Adventures, this release is more than just a book.

Housed in a sturdy chipboard box, the set is advertised as a "Storybook, collectable toy, & puzzle." A window in the box reveals the toy, which will surely be the primary object of desire for most kids. Made of soft plastic, the toy's head can swivel and her tail can pivot. She is wearing a crown and has purple ribbons in her hair, which all tie into the story.

The book says it features "Five Tiny Tales," which is a deceiving way of saying it has five chapters. With a hardcover, big text and the occasional picture, it's great for kids currently on Easy Readers and will make them feel accomplished since it is a chapter book. And while Petite is the star of the story, nearly every Palace Pets character imaginable makes an appearance.

petites-great-feats-packagingAutumn has arrived in Whisker Haven and everyone is getting ready for Buddies Day. The festivities begin with a race and after winning, Petite is leant a crown to wear. But when the crown gets stuck, she will have to solve riddles with the help of some friends to release the magic that binds it to her. And time is of the essence as the crown's owner needs it before the Buddies Day Hairstyle Show.

The puzzle included is a hayride cart that the Petite toy can ride in. It looks just like the one from the story and is pretty easy to assemble, although parents might have to help their kids make some of the pieces fit. There is also a double sided card that serves as a background for the toy.

With a pony at the center of Petite's Great Feats, it's hard to not see the similarities between Disney's Palace Pets and Hasbro's My Little Pony. Like the latter, Whisker Haven Tales teaches lessons in friendship, kindness, and self confidence. With a chapter book, do-it-yourself activity and action figure, this package is a pretty great value.