Christmas is right around the corner and with the Holidays quickly approaching, there's no better way to spread cheer then with a Disney themed ornament. Whether it's for a neighbor gift, a craft with your kids, or just for you, it's a great way to express your Disney creativity and make something that no one else has.

For starters, you need some ornaments. I chose clear ornaments, or tinted ornaments so I could personalize my colors. I started with a green tinted and clear ornament, some clear, shiny ornament filler and some puffy paint.

Ornament 1

The easiest way I've found to personalize ornaments is with puffy paint. It's very cute and easy to make intricate designs and write with this kind of paint.

Ornament 2

Ornament 3

I like using ornament filler to add variation and some pixie dust sparkle to my ornaments. This, however, tends to get incredibly messy, especially if you're crafting with kids. The easiest way to add sequins, sparkles, or any other filler is to roll paper into a funnel and insert in the top of the ornament. Carefully remove the cap off the ornament and carefully spoon your filler until your reach your desired amount. For my pixie dust ornament, I chose to fill it only half way full so you could see the pixie dust better.

Ornament 4

Ornament 5

For my clear ornament, as shown, I decided to decorate it with Mickey and Minnie with colored dots. I chose to color this ornament white to make my puffy pain designs pop. To do so, I poured some paint inside, put my thumb on top and shook it up to coat the inside of the ornament. I like this approach because there's less of a chance that it will scratch or chip off.

Ornament 6

For my next and last, I decided to make the classic Mickey. I used a black ornament, two small styrofoam balls, black acrylic paint, and a glue gun.

Ornament 7

Using a serrated knife, cut a small corner off both styrofoam balls so they will adhere to your ornament better.

Ornament 8

Ornament 9

Paint your styrofoam balls completely and let stand. When they are completely dry, using a hot glue gun, carefully put a dab of glue on the flat end of the styrofoam and stick on top sides of your ornament.

Ornament 10

Ornament 11

From there, you can put designs on Mickey, leave him blank, or even turn it into a Minnie. I decided to personalize him and add the year. I also decided to make a Jack Skellington filled with shiny filler.

Ornament 12

Ornament 13

Ornament 14

Each ornament cost forty to sixty cents each to make, so while they are extremely affordable, you can create your one of a kind ornaments that are fun making and kids will absolutely adore. Your options are as endless as your imagination!